I’ve been exploring the deserts and mountains of the western US for more than twenty-five years. I started Starbuck.org way back in the dark ages of the internet (aka 1997) to track my hikes and peak-bagging adventures. I have always preferred to hike to the more remote and seldom-visited peaks.

Along the way, I noticed historical mines, cabins, and prehistoric rock art sites were being vandalized. History was disappearing. I decided to document what sites I could. Ultimately, these sites became more interesting to me than the peaks.

Over the years, I’ve been to thousands of mines and petroglyph sites. And, although this website only shows a fraction of what I have seen, it still contains many hundreds of trip reports and more than 11,500 photos. My collection at home has over 60,000 photos.

Although I can’t always reveal the locations of the places I go, I do hope to share some of them with you. Please respect and enjoy.

Please visit my exploring site at https://starbuck.org/


Thunderbird petroglyph site
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